by manchildtrollhair

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A long post about this album: dft.ba/-dragonspost


released June 6, 2013




manchildtrollhair Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Griffin feat. TANKTOP
Lyrics by Elio/Andrew Huang

when i was a kid i would stack my legos high and my

dream was to become the greatest me that i had ever seen

gleaming from beak to beak full mouth of sharks teeth

scheming to steal and feel the real reason we were

earth bound martians travelling planet to planet

can it be the sun's rotation is my sole purpose to understand it

i can't begin to colour the edge of your aura the more of it

see i know to pour a tall glass of dreams

of being part man part machine

fingers twitching one by one typing words out on the screen

pant stitches matrix green eyes rolling back blue black

thoughts thought out punching truths true and that

was the evening moon now it is the morning sun

rising higher golden pyre fires blinding everyone

one by one two by two colours too true blue

ants climbing mountains of hands between me and you

intertwined each finger locking in the other one

searching for the cold side of broken pride, it's unbegun

tie a string around my finger it's an old trick

real slick way to keep the memories from leaking out

drip drip dripping drop by drop til the memories are faded

jaded, i am griffin born and dated, raised and

mythical unpractical, talons scratch my inner skull

mull it over with a pint to quench the animal

living inside my inner eye, don't try to goad it,

motor oil coated but my life won't hold it, against me

when i dream of dreams i dream i'm really me

i am griffin born and raised, jaded

i am griffin born and raised, jaded

i am griffin born and raised, jaded

there is a man with a glass eye and a crooked smile

who spies between the tiles and speaks in tongues

every once in a while,

the way he crooks his arm around past participles

never living in the future, every truth as sharp as icicles

the lies sprout desert flowers, sucking the nurture out

murdering between the hours

chewing the sinew off seconds, blending with thespians

wearing thin the veil of time as he raises his finger to his lips

a bony shard hard from wear and tear

shush the tick of the life no trouble or strife

his lips curl back and his rotten teeth

each one a tombstone worms struggling through the cracks

to get beneath

i am griffin born and raised, jaded

i am griffin born and raised, jaded

i am griffin born and raised, jaded
Track Name: $U$HI PARTYZ
Gonna make sushi, gonna have a sushi party.
Mango, soy sauce, rice, wasabi.
Track Name: DRAGON$ feat. TANKTOP
Lyrics by Elio/Andrew Huang

it's dragons
imagine these dragons the damage and passion
to blacken and sadden the canons of action
it's happening, aight then, we crashing the cabin
and grabbin and braggin and screaming in latin
HIC SUNT DRACONES we own this and spit blitz
let's quit the ifs to see he who gets the rich grits

i once had a dream in dark caves where a
brave and fallen knight rose to great heights
his shoulders wore ten ton boulders
each heaving breath weighed by dragon's death
and the waves of pain that would shave his brain
were a grave reminder, never to find her
the dragon stays hidden, her eggs forbidden
didn't i - warn you

behold the veils that unfold from scales
these dragons are ails, like ill and im still
thrilling from swinging villains willingly killing
the most beautiful jewel who'll school fools with true rules
and chew shrews too glued to loose screws
who'll rue the days of fires raised higher
but sire - no sir - i prefer the cure
from springing the rings of kings and riding on wings of dragons
of dragons

it's dragons

give it a minute i'm in it to win it
to fight the knights and fright the sprites
i might smite and bite those who fear the sight of night
it's full of terrors, heart full of errors
chainmail won't save your sail, er soul
told and behold the stolen olden, hardly know him
i could've told him, but he was unwise
so i advise my allies to despise the spies
that many eyes surmise
and we fly to higher ground, and safer sounds
for here be dragons, and no life is around

i have seen the best dragons of my generation
slain, their hearts ripped open like ungrateful presents
sinews torn and abused, each fiber a higher fighter
their names written in the stars, vowels dancing
around moons, each spinning ball of fire
a reminder of our heroes
i choose not to forget
i choose not to forget
each battle scarred on my arms
pockmarked bookmarks of history repeated
knights rising from shallow graves
drowning in a sea of flames
each pounding of the smith's sword
a nail in their coffin,
each pounding of the smith's sword
a gift from the dragon's breath
fire engulfed engulfed
the gift of dragons
fills and kills and still instills the will to spill the blood
of dragons
Track Name: TANKTOP & CHAIN($AW)
Lyrics by Elio/Andrew Huang

getting pain from the rain
sitting on a plane, walking with a cane
eyo dwane, drain the main vein
plain jane, she could gain champagne
riding on a crane, waiting for the train
i'm in spain, reading up on twain
insane in the membrane
batman and bane
reign of shame
refrain from grain
movie frames get slain
crank dat chain
chainsaw, i chew chaw,
true raw, cowboy, yee haw
the law? pshaw
gnawing with my jaw
squawking on my fois gras
through a straw
eating shank like shaw
shouts to my ma
the crowd's like aw
bourgeouis , je ne sais quoi, coup d'etas